Company Development

Ligum was founded in 1985 as a manufacturing company whose main business was in the domestic market. Over the years the company has developed and expanded its activities in the international field of export, import and marketing with wide range of products in the sector of the automotive and industrial.

The company’s flagship product that led Ligum to recognition by leading companies in the international automotive industry, as a company with technological skills with thinking ability outside the box, was the revolutionary patented tool developed by Ligum which is the pneumatic CV Boot installation tool to replace the CV Boots over the CV Joint without dismounting the CV Joint or removing the drive shaft from the car.

The CV Boot installation tool is added to list of products developed and manufactured by Ligum, using high skills of technologies together with wide range of advanced raw materials made of rubber and plastic combined with metal and aluminum which demonstrate Ligum`s technical prowess and provide a professional solution of the highest quality.

Under one roof, Ligum continues in development of innovation and patents, unique products, and solutions in high-quality at competitive prices in the domestic and international market.


Thermostat Housing and Flanges

In 1996, Ligum was the first company to develop and manufacture thermostat housings and flanges for the automotive aftermarket in highest quality as the original`s.

NewSlider – CV Boot Installer Tool

In 2001, Ligum developed the revolutionary patent, the CV Boot installation tool to replace the CV Boots over the CV Joint without dismounting the CV Joint or removing the driveshaft from the car. This patent has changed a field in the global automotive industry, and as for today most of the garage workers over the world use the CV Boot installation tool of Ligum company.

CV Boots and Steering Rack Gaiters

Ligum developed the flexible CV Boots and Steering Rack Gaiters made of high-quality elastic material designed to be suitable for use with the CV Boot Expander Tool / CV Boot Installation Tool.


Stainless Steel Strip Kit to make the required sizes of clamps.

The Stainless Steel Band made of high quality 430 BA 5.5 x 0.4mm.

The ClampKit contains 55 meters of stainless steel band + 150 Pcs of clamps seals + one Plier to do the job fast and easy.



Quick Connectors – Unique Plastic Hose Connectors in variety of sizes for fast and easy assembly.


The unique quick connector system has many advantages:

– Allows a rotating angle of up to 360 degrees to the desired hose angle.

– Fast and easy assembly.

– Easy and fast solution for repairing hoses without waiting for supply of a new hose.

– No need to keep a large stock of hoses.


Universal Hose Connectors

Variety of plastic connectors for use in cooling and heating systems for automotive, industrial and DIY.         The plastic connectors are designed for quick and easy assembly in existing piping.

Polyurethane products

Ligum develops and manufactures polyurethane parts for the automotive and industry sectors using injection technology.

Ligum company is among the few manufacturers in the industry that injects parts used to suspension system with a unique polyurethane compound developed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading companies in the field.

Enhanced bushings for leaf springs, triangles, radius rods, stabilizer bars, shock absorbers, steering wheel, mounts.

Car Storage Solutions

Wide range of storage solutions for the vehicle:

– Plastic drawers made of reinforced and lightweight materials.

 -Variety of modular plastic bins and cabinets with inner dividers options .

– Drawers combined with aluminum includes complete set of pull-out rails allow carrying capacity of  up to 60 Kg per drawer, at depths up to one meter and at different heights, in order to achieve strengthened storage system and saving weight for the vehicle.

Storage System

Development and production of a unique modular storage system made of plastic, which provides a wide range of permanent or mobile storage systems. The modular system allows expansion of additions of storage units and mobility according to the needs.

The storage systems include shelves, bins, cabinets, and drawers, which enable modular combination through special connectors that give the storage solution with ability of changing according needs in the warehouse, workshop, office and in the commercial vehicles.

The special design makes possible to use a single product (single bin, drawer, cabinet, single shelf) and up to wall to wall modular storage.