About Ligum Ltd

Ligum was founded in 1985 as a manufacturing company whose main business was in the domestic market.

Over the years the company developed and expanded its activities in the international field of export, import and marketing with wide range of products in the field of the automotive and industrial.

Since 1996, Ligum company has continuously participates in the international automotive exhibitions, in Automechanika, Equip Auto, Aapex trade show.

The company’s flagship product that led Ligum to recognition by leading companies in the international automotive industry, as a company with technological skills with ability thinking outside the box, was the revolutionary patented tool developed by Ligum which is a pneumatic tool to replace elastic CV Boots over the axle in the car. An innovative patent that has led to a change in the existing work method around the world and to savings in costs and labor time for the benefit of the professional and the consumer.

The tool is known under the brand name “NewSlider”.

Ligum is highly motivated company, whose prime goal to develop and supply range of products in high quality with cost and time saving such as the patented tool of the company, the original CV Boot Expander Tool, which amply demonstrating technical skill and providing professional solution of the highest quality which using a wide range of advanced and complex rubber and plastic raw materials and combined with metal and aluminum.

Under one roof, Ligum continues developing advanced patents, products, and unique solutions in the field of spare parts and products for the automotive, tools and industrial as well as in the field of modular storage for van, workshops, and warehouses area.

The products are manufactured in Ligum factory in high-quality and at competitive prices for the domestic and international market.